Audition Tips

By Ava Karas

Audition season can often be looked upon as a stressful time. However, the nerves are natural – they just show that you want to do the best that you possibly can to impress the people at the panel, as well as get accepted into the school or program.

To ease any rising qualms that you may have about upcoming auditions, we’ve compiled some tips about how to approach and display your peak performance at auditions.


Preparation is the key to excelling at anything — whether it be an audition or just another day at school. The more prepared you are, the more your mind is at ease. Look on the program’s website and ensure that you have everything they need —regardless if it is a first arabesque picture, a headshot (make sure that you print them out as per the sizes on the site if specified (if not, 4 x 6” is a good, standard size), also, we suggest writing your name and e-mail on the back of your pictures), ballet shoes, pointe shoes, a registration form, or a registration fee. Also, make sure that you have the right color leotard — some schools may request black.

Wear something that you feel confident in

Wear a leotard that compliments your body and facial features. If a school does not want black, don’t be afraid to wear colors. Leotard choice is a great way for auditioners to gage your personality, and can even help you stand out.

Etiquette is crucial

Always mind your manners. When at the registration table, be cooperative and polite. At the end of the audition, thank the teacher, the judges at the panel, AND the pianist! Auditioners are not only looking for solid technique and talent in the studio…they are also looking for the person you are when class is over. You will be residing with them for a while — the school doesn’t need any trouble in the dorms, they have enough to focus on.

Perfection isn’t a requirement

Remember, this is a school that you are auditioning for. They are looking for many things: among them talent and technique, not perfection. Schools want to take you and see improvement over the summer — they want to see you getting stronger, more flexible, and more versatile. They aren’t looking for immaculate skills at the start — they acknowledge the fact that you are still training. Schools want to take students for the summer, that’s why they have auditions in the first place. The dance world, not matter how daunting it may seem, is truly a very small world. Auditioners already appreciate the fact that you are there — interested in their school, and dedicated to preserving the art of dance and culture. With that being said — relax and let your training and hard work shine!