In the Waiting Rooms

Quiet Cell Phones

Cell phones must be on the vibrate mode. Most guest teachers prefer solitude and you may observe the final 15 minutes of their classes. Guest musicians prefer to have the room silent; please respect their time and talent.

Food and Drink

  • Although food and beverages are permitted in the studio, please keep an eye on small children and alert the staff if an accident happens.

  • We also expect our students to clean up and discard any food or drink items while at the studio.

  • WDA has gone Green – Please Recycle!

Allergy Foods

  • Please refrain from bringing any products containing peanuts into the studio as several dancers have severe allergies.

Dance Floor

  • The dance floor is strictly for dancers and teachers. Please do not allow your children to draw/color on the floor, and keep all toys in the carpeted area.

Quiet Please

  • Please keep all necessary conversation to a minimum during classes

No Markers

  • For those parent with small children. Please do not bring markers of any kind into the studio.

Lost & Found

  • We donate to good will every two weeks. Please check for lost items.

Being Prepared for Class

Be Early

  • All dancers should be on time or early for their class so they are warmed up and ready to dance. Those that are more than 10 minutes late, will be asked to watch class.

What to Wear

  • Dancers must be in dress code leotard and pink tights unless otherwise arranged by the studio or instructor. Those not prepared will be required to

    watch class.

    • Purchase these items at All That Jazz.

    • Summer classes require pink tights; dress code leotard not required.

    • Hair should be pulled back in a neat, tidy bun.

    • Short hair must also be pulled back off the face.

    • Hair ornaments should be kept to a minimum.

Studio Etiquette

  • Professional behavior must be observed while not in the studio so that observers may appreciate class and dancers in studio are not disrupted

  • Dance bags and personal items should be kept against the wall or on a wall hook

  • Respect the studio and the equipment

  • How students present themselves is a direct reflection of the studio. This is

    particularly true when interacting with other members of the dance profession. Teachers and guests should be treated with respect.

  • Using social media to “friend” or contact teachers is not permitted. Teachers value their privacy and all interactions should be strictly professional. Be aware that teachers who violate this policy are subject to dismissal.

Class Information



There is an annual registration fee of $20 per family.

  • With your registration fee, you have registered your child(ren) in the 10 month program, September- June,

    • Monthly payment and annual options are available.

      • You may pay in full by September 10th to receive a 5% discount. At this time month-to-month participation in classes is not available.

    • No refunds are available on tuition or fees.

    • No adjustment is made for temporary illness or injury

    • Extended, year-long issues should be discussed with the owners

    • Tuition payments must be received by the 10th of each month or a $20.00 late fee will be incurred.

    • Any student with outstanding fees due will be unable to perform and will be unable to register for another program until all fees are paid.

    • Please remember tuition is based on a ten month program.

    • Payment is due through the end of June regardless of performance participation.

    • Tuition for the summer program is due in full with registration at the posted date


  • The performance fee is $65 per student if paid on time / $85 for late payments.

  • Tickets for each performance per person is $20.

Private Instruction

  • Private class fee is $60 for registered students.

  • Private classes are also offered for non-registered students for $65.

Make-up Class

  • One make-up class will be allowed per semester. Make-ups will be done at the appropriate level, and the staff must be alerted of the make-up day and time.

Class Cancellations

  • Class cancellations will be announced on the website, via email, and on our social media outlets (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram). Please use your best judgement on road safety.


  • If a student is more than 10 minutes late to class they will be asked to

    observe until a proper time arrives for them to join the class. Unforeseen

    traffic and weather issues are exceptions.

Physical Guidance

  • Dance instruction involves physically guiding the dancers body through the correct lines. Instructors will be in direct contact with the students during the learning process.


  • Parking is available in the back and side of the building. Please drive with caution through the parking lot.

Class Performance Appointments

  • We are available by appointment to discuss your dancer’s progress. Please call the studio to arrange an appointment.


  • All costumes are property of Wexford Dance Academy. This allows us to keep the overall cost of the performance down.

  • Once a costume is received, dancers must care for it and return it in the exact condition in which it was received or a fee will be charged for repair or replacement.

    • At times a cost may be incurred for a personalized costume or specialized work from a professional or a fee related piece of choreography.